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Introverts in public relations: how the industry can nurture them into the practice
Green facades: development of a taxonomy tool to assist design
Basement plan, sections thro¿ wall on west side of driveway and pergola columns, sections thro¿ pit in garage
Green roof performance in Los Angeles, California
Traversing the Green ward
West elevation, north elevation, south and east elevations of north wing, [elevations of] dining room north wall, living room east wall, front door in hall, front door outside, entrance hall east wall
Exterior view of the Altadena residence of Colonel George G. Green, owner of the Hotel Green, [s.d.]
Foundation plan, wall footings, sections, residence for Freeman A. Ford
View of Central Park in Pasadena with the Green Hotel in the background, ca.1900
East elevation, residence for Miss Annie Blacker
Exterior details, typical wall section, residence for Walter Linwood Richardson
Foundation plan, typical wall section, residence for James E. Saunders
Lawn bowling at Arroyo Seco Park Green, ca.1930
Composite view of Burton E. Green's residence in Beverly Hills from a real estate pamphlet, [s.d.]
Bedroom no. 1, wall detail above mantel
West wall of den with fireplace
Framed wall mirror of Honduras mahogany
[Exterior: southwest point of foundation and stepped retaining wall, residence for D. L. James]
Southwest [elevation], elevation of foundation vents, dining room [wall and ceiling] sections, screened porch [details], [section of] double hung sash in kitchen, [typical wall section], residenc...
Façade retrofit case study: the Edith Green-Wendell Wyatt Federal Building
West wall of bedroom no. 2 with fireplace
North wall of kitchen showing with built-in cabinets
Inglenook, detail of joinery, wall panel and iron straps
Garage plan, typical wall section, section through window heads and beams on west end
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