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Public Art In Corporate Downtown Los Angeles
Using The Cayley-Hamilton Theorem To Solve Linear Systems Of Difference Equations
The Freeman House: A case for the expansion of significance
Role of protein kinase C in estrogen neuroprotection
An Anatomy Of Humor
The Body Wall Of The Encrusting Cheilostome Bryozoan, Watersipora Arcuata, Banta
The Ecology Of Eight Species Of Intertidal Crabs Of The Family Xanthidae In The Marshall Islands
Contemporary Film As Interpreter And Critic Of American Values
Navajo family in their hogan on the Painted Desert preparing a meal, showing view from side, ca.1901
Pile of green boughs in the street of the Hopi Indian village of Mishongnovi for kisi or kiva for the Snake Dance, ca.1900-1901
Patrons on the putting green at a Redondo Beach golf course, [s.d.]
Old Knights of Pythies Hall in Amador City, ca.1930
Young girl standing on the grounds of the Green Hotel with part of the bridge to its annex in view, ca.1905
Exterior view of the Altadena residence of Colonel George G. Green, owner of the Hotel Green, [s.d.]
Exterior view of a Pasadena bungalow, "a California home", ca.1900
Exterior view of a Gilmore gas station in an unidentified location, [s.d.]
Composite view of Burton E. Green's residence in Beverly Hills from a real estate pamphlet, [s.d.]
Exterior view of the Hotel Green in Pasadena, ca.1900
Exterior view of the clubhouse at the Sunset Golf Club, showing people on the porch, Baldwin Hills, [s.d.]
Lawn Bowling State Meet at Arroyo Seco Park Green, September 3, 1937
Lawn Bowling State Meet at Arroyo Seco Park Green, September 3, 1937
Hand-colored photo of a lily pond in front of the Botanical Building in Balboa Park, San Diego, ca.1900
Residence of the late General Vallejo in Sonoma, ca.1900
View of a large building and grounds in Tuscan Springs, Red Bluff, 1900-1940
Exterior view of The Palms at Red Bluff, 1900-1940
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