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Mission San Xavier del Bac, showing small Indian structures, Tucson, Arizona, ca.1898-1900
Exterior view of the first custom house in California, an adobe structure in Monterey, ca.1890
Developing efficient methods for the manufacture and analysis of composites structures
Development and characterization of hierarchical cellular structures
Architectural sketch of eight-story structure that will house 23 Federal agencies, 1959
Exterior view of the first theater building in California, an adobe structure in Monterey, ca.1900
Group under wooden structure, Tibet, China, ca.1941
Arched structure at Summer Palace, Beijing, China, 1924
Wooden funerary structure standing outdoors, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Stone memorial structures along roadside, Gansu Province, China, ca.1926
Interior of the school in Kyufo. In the foreground a space with a glass roof (the heavenly well).
[Structure of a church under construction. A man standing on the bell tower]
Analyses of strength of layered structures fabricated by Contour Crafting
X-ray microbeam diffraction measurements of long range internal stresses in equal channel angular pressed aluminum; & Mechanical behavior of an Fe-based bulk metallic glass
Men laboring to build a mud-brick structure, Angola, ca.1920-1940
Structures used for traditional Chinese examinations, Beijing, China, ca.1920-1930
Ordination of Pastor at Gunupur, East Jeypore, India, 20/11/1966. From right to left: Rev. Iswa...
A structure based study of the HIV restriction factor APOBEC3G
Mining for precious stones: mining structure. The seller of precious stones was my guide.
Tubes and troughs as ""magmatic tree rings,"" recorders of magma chamber chemical and structural history
Microseismicity, fault structure, & the seismic cycle: insights from laboratory stick-slip experiments
The new church in Ranebennur (near Motebennur), with its structure complete, is handed over to the congregation.
The structure of loop 2 is important for agonist and ethanol sensitivity in glycine and GABA Alpha receptors
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