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Madagascar : geological map
Developing improved geologic maps and associated geologic spatial databases using GIS: Candy Mountain and Badger Mountain, WA
Map of California from the geological survey of 1853 conducted by Lieutenant R. W. Williamson, United States Topographical Engineer
Geologic zones in Korea (after Kobayashi) (map)
California. Amboy quadrangle (60'), 1942
California. Amboy quadrangle (60'), 1943
Environmental and geological significance of Globorotalia inflata (d'Orbigny)
Nevada-Arizona-California. Camp Mohave quadrangle (60'), 1942
Nevada-Arizona-California. Camp Mohave quadrangle (60'), 1942 (1943)
California. Ivanpah quadrangle (60'), 1942
Links, tempos, and mass balances of cyclic deformation and magmatism in arcs: a case study on the Mesozoic Sierra Nevada arc integrating geological mapping, geochronology, geobarometry, strain an...
Harvesting geographic features from heterogeneous raster maps
California. Brawley quadrangle (15'), 1957 (1961)
California. Salton Sea quadrangle (60'), 1943
Geologic mapping of erosional susceptibility
Nevada. Long Valley quadrangle (60'), 1894 (1920)
California. Hoaglin quadrangle (30'), 1935
Preparing for the next major southern California earthquake: utilizing HAZUS with soils maps and ShakeMaps to predict regional bridge damage and closures
California. Lompoc quadrangle (30'), 1943
California. Dunsmuir quadrangle (30'), 1935
California. Avawtz Mountains quadrangle (60'), 1933
California. Guadalupe quadrangle (30'), 1942
California. El Centro quadrangle (60'), 1942
California. Shasta Special quadrangle (15'), 1897 (1911)
California. Barstow quadrangle (30'), 1934
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