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Krobo men at play.
The North Western Diocese, Tanzania, 1984. Here is the result of a baking class at Ntoma Home C...
The North Western Diocese, Tanzania, 1984. The most dependable way to cook at Ntoma Home Craft ...
Regulating functional amyloid formation: the promiscuous behavior of the Orb2A N-terminal amphipathic region
Pounding  palm kernals.
Former woman fetish priest with daughter and grand-daughter.
The fetish Odente in the Krobo farming district.
Market in Sromania.
Female diviner and medicine man. The latter is preparing medicine.
The North western Diocese, Tanzania, 1984. There is a kitchen inside the Ntoma Home Craft Schoo...
Hair-dressing in Abokobi.
How one goes to the farm.
Painting done by an uneducated native on his house-wall.
A piece of forest near Maiera.
Fetish dance in Christiansborg.
Mangheang (Christiansborg out-station).
An evaluation of Esri’s tapestry segmentation product in three Southern California communities: Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach
Nanomaterials under extreme environments: a study of structural and dynamic properties using reactive molecular dynamics simulations
Growth and field emission of multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Integration of energy-efficient infrastructures and policies in smart grid
Properties of helium nanodroplets and embedded clusters
Closed landfills to solar energy power plants: estimating the solar potential of closed landfills in California
Revising the Bible [translation] in Abokobi.
Coming back from market with full bowls.
Krobo farms; pounding palm-nuts.
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