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We're all in this (game) together: transactive memory systems, social presence, and social information processing in video game teams
Adaptive agents on evolving network: an evolutionary game theory approach
Bingo type game, 1951
Game theoretical models in supply chain management
Steven Sample at a Dodger's game, Los Angeles, 2008
Reality ends here: environmental game design and participatory spectacle
Two male athletes wearing medals at the Triumph '86: Gay Games I
Richard Davis wearing medal at the Triumph '86: Gay Games II
Day[9]TV: How interactive Web television parallels game design
Team member blowing bubbles at the Celebration '90: Gay Games
Football players at a USC game, 1952
Discounted robust stochastic games with applications to homeland security and flow control
Two Mojave Indian woman playing a game (fortune-telling with bones?), ca.1900
Airplane banner and athletes at the opening of the Triumph '86: Gay Games II
Male athlete wearing a medal at the Triumph '86: Gay Games II
Boys playing a Malagasy version of a children's game,  Madagascar, ca.1900
Persuasion through play: how procedural rhetoric in casual games can inform public relations
Kindergarten games in Korea, [s.d.]
SomeDay: designing a game about different thought processes
Playing a game - 'Mühle'  with little sticks.
By nature: an exploration of effects of time on localized gameplay systems
Modeling human bounded rationality in opportunistic security games
On non-zero-sum stochastic game problems with stopping times
Come with Me: a cooperative game focusing on player emotion
Interior of factory and football marble game, Southern California, 1935
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