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Church Service in Aden in 1967. Rev. Beihani in front.
Freedom and control
Christians in front of Nowshera Church, Peshawar Diocese, Pakistan 1988.
Sunday-School children in front of Hoya Church, Japan
DMS Bookshop in Crater, Aden with the new front sign.
Bahrain Family Bookshop, In front: Jørgen Nørgaard Pedersen
Aden, 1966. The square in front of the church
Beggars in front of Bethany church, Melpattambakkam, ca.1895.
Muslim prayer in front of the Girls school. February 1971
Women in front of a chinese home, Liaoning, ab 1930
House in front of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Person in front of Baobab tree, Tanzania, ca.1926-1940
Development and control of biologically-inspired robots driven by artificial muscles
Boy sitting in front of church entrance, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Gathering of people in front of house, Tanzania, [s.d.]
The effect of group testing on information retention for command and control training
People in front of Indian shops, Tanzania, ca.1893-1920
Africans in front of a hut, Tanzania, ca.1893-1920
African family in front of thatched hut, Kenya, [ s.d. ]
Chief Simeon in front of his house, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Maasai car in front of Sokonoi mountain, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Wood Controls Water: Original screenplay
Front gate towards churchyard, Moshi, Tanzania, ca.1931-1939
Practical adaptive control: Theory and applications
Roundhouses in front of Tulu Welel, Ethiopia, [ s.d. ]
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