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Multiobjective optimization for intermodal container freight terminals:  Mathematical modeling of transport and operations
Algorithms for solving the train dispatching problem for general networks
The Problem Of Management In Relocation Of Industrial Plants In The City Of Industry (An Industrial Development Near Los Angeles)
Economic Factors Influencing Migration Of Manufacturing Firms
A Case Study Of The Adaptation Of A Small National Economy'S Industry To International Competition:  Austria
Marketing Problems Of The Arizona Lumber Industry
An Analysis Of Selected British Novelists Between 1945 And 1966, And Their Critics
A Theory Of Regional Economic Growth:  Growth Poles And Development Axes
Economic Aspects In The Evolution Of The Great Lakes Freighter
History Of The Organization And Administration Of Public Schools In Tulare County, California, 1852-1970
Alameda and 25th Streets, Vernon, Los Angeles County, 1936
View of the Catalina passenger steamer Cabrillo loading passengers and freight alongside a Wilmington wharf, ca.1900
Southern Pacific train on a Wilmington dock, ca.1880
Prospector in the desert with horse and two burros, 1880-1910
Deck of sailing ship at Port Los Angeles, ca.1905
Man driving an 8-mule team transporting ore in two wagons in desert community, California, ca.1890-1892
San Diego Pacific Coast Steamship landing, foot of Broadway, ca.1885-1886
Three pack burros used in mining, California, ca.1900
Port of Los Angeles, unloading lumber, and railroad cars
George McAnany riding a pack mule, Mojave Desert, February 1912
Two men and a train of pack mules in the Mojave Desert, February, 1912
Man with a train of five pack mules, Yosemite Valley, 1900
Workers moving large cakes of ice for the "icing car" (cargo?) outside of the orange groves in Puente Hills, ca.1920-1930, detail 1
Horses attached to a winding apparatus at the construction of the Mount Lowe Railway, ca.1900
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