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A critical examination of the three main interpretations of probability
Evangelist Tju - probably from Manchuria
Unidentified person - probably an evangelist from Manchuria
Pakistan, NWFP. Probably American WMPL Missionaries at Risalpur. (Names?).
Bangladesh, probably relief work at Saidpur? (Photo is without text!)
Nepal 1995. TB Hospital. (Probably managed by INF).
Nepal 1995. TB Hospital. (Probably managed by INF).
Extraction of preferential probabilities from early stage engineering design team discussion
[A missionary woman with a baby and young Africans, probably cooking]
Rev. Ramseyer lecturing at exhibition, probably Paris, ca.1885-1895
Nepal 1995. Healthpost involved in TB treatment. (Probably managed by INF).
National Nurses outside the hospital. Probably Sevapur Hospital?, Assam, North India.
North India, West Bengal. Probably students from the Narainpur Girl's Boarding School during a ...
Preparation of fieldwork at a TB Hospital in Nepal. (Probably managed by INF).
Probably clinic work in North India. (Photo without text: Location? Name of the missionary?)
Photo without text - probably leprosy work. Location? Name of the person, right?
Nepal 1995. Health clinic involved in TB treatment. (Probably managed by INF).
Missionaries in conversation after a dinner at a missionary conference . The picture is probabl...
Boys in Takushan, 1914 - probably from the school that Axel Bolwig established in Takushan.
Probably DMS/Danmission volunteer in the North Western Diocese, Tanzania. (Name: Heidi B. G. Ky...
The Shervaroy Hills, South India. probably a local family at Tabor? (photo without text).
NELC, North India. Procession to the church, 19/10/1952. (Probably ordination of Rev. Nitanondo...
United Mission to Nepal. Probably from Butwal Technical Institute, where they are testing somet...
Pakistan, NWFP. From a coffee party at Risalpur. Probably American WMPL Missionaries with local...
Postcards with photos of Christians and schoolchildren in Hsiu-yen (The picture is probably fro...
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