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Portrait of a Maya with newly born horse, Carrillo Puerto, Quintana Roo, Mexico, ca. 1948
House where Arthur Grandjean was born, Switzerland, [s.d.]
Gruppe af mødre og børnGroup of mothers and children
Verner Tranholm-Mikkelsen, president of DMS Board in 1991 - 1999. Born 1945.
Olga Kristensen, born 09.08.1882. Missionair. Sent 1908 - 1947. Lüshun, jinzhou.
Church Secretary Richard Baskaran, Arcot Lutheran Church with wife and newly born baby, Tiruvan...
Missionary Sophus Frantz Berg, born 01.28.1860, sent out 1887. Photo 1887
China Missionary Hansigne Schmidt, born, 1890. Sent 1921 - 1946 to Harbin, China.
Missionary Niels Nielsen, born 1875, sent out to Xiuyan 1907 - 1940. Photo 1897
Missionary, pastor Johan Evard Bittmann. Born 20 Aug. 1869, died 4 April 1939. Mrs Helene Bittm...
Knud Christian Ochsner, born 1930. BD 1957. Married to Teacher Karen Ochsner (born  Krabbe, 193...
Niels Kristiansen, born 06.19.1872, sent out 1901-26. Married to Anne Kathrine Kristiansen (bor...
DSM missionaries Elsebeth and Jens Fischer-Nielsen with their daughter, Maria (born 1978). Five...
Olia Gudrun Marie Larsen, born Johansen, married to missionær Laurits Karl Larsen.  Kina, Dando...
The church in Antung decorated for Jens Christian Christiansens and Rasmines (born Rasmussen) w...
Teacher, Miss. Helen Madsen, born 1888. Sent out 1920-46, Shenyang, Dagushan, Dalian.
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