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Ricedistributation.Food for Work, 1996
Organizational change agents: an equity framework to addressing housing and food insecurity in higher education
Food deserts and perceptions of food access in urban low-income areas
Evolution in the processed foods industry: exploring the impact of the health foods movement
Food vendor, Beijing, China, ca.1931-1934
African girl preparing food, Ricatla, Mozambique, 1931
Schoolchildren eating food, Mayuram, India, ca.1920-1940
Outdoor food stall, China, ca.1920-1940
Village women preparing food, Nigeria, ca. 1921
Girls preparing food, Nigeria, ca. 1934
Preparing fu fu (native food), Nigeria, 1933
Women preparing the food for a Church feast
African girls carrying food, Shilouvane, South Africa, ca. 1930
Food and Drug Administration protest
Food donated by the churches to the students of the Pastoral school
Finding food deserts: a study of food access measures in the Phoenix-Mesa urban area
African woman preparing food, Ricatla, Mozambique, [s.d.]
African women preparing food, Antioka, Mozambique, 1906
People waiting for YMCA to distribute food, Fujian, China, ca.1920-1930
Food prepared for feast on anniversary day, Nigeria, ca. 1938
African women preparing food, Lemana, South Africa, ca. 1906-1915
Food choice dimensions and the relationship with BMI
African women and children preparing food, [s.d.]
Offering of food!
Distribution of food rations, Ituri, Congo, ca.1920-1940
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