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A comparison of premolar extraction rates in single-phase versus two-phase treatment of Class II malocclusions
Ploughing of a field
Rice field, 14 days after transplantating
Rice seedlings are transplanted in fields covered with water
Rice fields are ploughed and embankments are repaired
The field is ploughed fourth time (July-August)
[Sheeps grazing in the field]
Bamum fields, in Cameroon
Taiwan Lutheran Bible Institute, Kaohsiung. At a school field trip.
Soccer field and the new mail office. Aden 1966.
Fuyu, Manchuria 1930s. From the North Field.
Bamum field, in Cameroon
A ladang field (A field for dry rice. This has not been used for two years).
Well used to irrigate the rice field.
Field (Groundnuts).
[Map of French Equatorial Africa (AEF) with handwritten note about mission fields]
Experiences in academic governance and decision-making of full-time nontenure track faculty in communications fields
[Plowing of a field]
Field of pineapples, in Madagascar
Yam field.
Rice field.
Savoring future experiences: antecedents and effects on evaluations of consumption experiences
Experiences of a trainee : a tour in Seforong parish
[Girls working in a field, in Madagascar]
Boarding school boys in Udapi working in a field of ragi.
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