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Garona, muslim writer, in Cameroon
Public writer at stand along street, China, ca.1920-1930
Screenwriting double function of anonymity for female authors in Hollywood and critical issues of authorship in cinema: two screenplay case studies: Grace of my heart and Edward Scissorhands
Auxiliaries in Mission convention, COGIC, writers workshop syllabus, 2006
Diversity in sports: The female athlete's college experience
Auxiliaries in Mission convention, COGIC, writers workshop syllabus, 2002
Auxiliaries in Mission convention, COGIC, writers workshop syllabus, 2010
Alewives and factory girls: literary representations of working women
The lovesick journalist: the image of the female journalist in Danielle Steel’s novels
Public letter writer at his stand along street, China, ca.1920-1930
"As shelters against the cold": women writers of the Black Arts and Chicano movements, 1965-1978
Writers set up their offices in the street where you can have your letters drafted and typed
Empress Wu of the Tang dynasty: becoming the only female emperor in China
Beauty, brains, and bylines: comparing the female journalist in the fiction of Sherryl Woods and Sarah Shankman
On speaking terms: spirituality and sensuality in the tradition of modern black female intellectualism
Street life in Aden 1972. A baker's shop in the market and the writers' street where people com...
Public letter-writer writing a letter for two Muslim women in the bazaar in Rawalpindi.
Between good girls and vile fiends: femininity, alterity and female homosociality in the nineteenth-century British Gothic novel
A man working as a combination letter-writer and fortune-teller and a man working as a barber in the same street, Shanghai, Shanghai Shi, China, ca.1900-1919
X-linked repeat polymorphisms and disease risk: statistical power and study designs
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