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A grounded theory study on the academic and athletic success of female student-athletes at a private, research, Division I university
Center court: exploration of access to mental health services by female university athletes
Female university students, Chengdu, China, ca. 1925.
Female university students in protest parade, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China, 1925
Students, faculty, and children doing exercises at Athletics Day, Yenching University, Beijing, China, 1938
Diversity in sports: The female athlete's college experience
Student-athletes and leadership: a case study of the impact of collegiate athletics on social change behavior and leadership development
From Female station in Fenghwangchen.
Male student-athlete perceptions of university academic staff expectations: a qualitative analysis of perceptions, value and academic motivation
Outstanding academic papers by students, 2011
Engagement of staff within student-athlete academic services
Huddle-up: a phenomenological approach to understanding the impact of intercollegiate athletic participation on the academic socialization of male revenue-generating student-athletes
Medical School in Mukden. Hostel for female students. Constructed in 1926
Students walking on campus, Yenching University, Beijing, China, 1931
Physical aggression in higher education: student-athletes’ perceptions and reporting behaviors
Game over concepts, mental-health support for college student-athletes
Three female USC students having a chat, 1980
Miss Busch with the female nurse students and the biblewomen, Siuyen 1926
Student Council of the Men's College, Yenching University, Beijing, China, ca.1936
Women students of Yenching University in the dormitory common room, Beijing, China, 1941
Athletic fields and gardens of Fukien Christian University, Fuzhou, Fujian, China, 1937
Students at Shantung Christian University, Jinan, Shandong, China, 1941
Malagasy students working in the university's library in Antananarivo, Madagascar
Female Bible School in Fenghwangcheng
Female missionaries at the missionary conference in Fenghwangcheng
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