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From Female station in Fenghwangchen.
Female Bible School in Fenghwangcheng
Female missionaries at the missionary conference in Fenghwangcheng
A group of female missionaries at the Synod 1937
Female missionary and female congregation, Nigeria, 1935
Female Bible School in Fenghwangcheng. Gateway, 1926
Female missionary, [s.d.]
Petune, Fuyu. Female station viewed from schoolyard.
Miss Ingrid Thomsen and miss Monsen in the garden at Port Arthur Female Station
Female sorcerer, Makulane, Mozambique, ca. 1896-1911
Female missionary standing with female leprosy victims and their children, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Computational narrative models of character representations to estimate audience perception
The yard of the Mission station in Kwandian. With school, Female station and Girl School in bac...
The gate into the Bible Female School in Fenghwangcheng
Missionary Martha Holst in gentle thoughts. Country Female event 1975
Female School Pupils set the school grounds in Petune, Fuyu.
Miss Brostrøm and Bible Female School in Fenghwangchen, 1925
Medical School in Mukden. The first female physicians graduating, 1930
The mission's history in Madagascar. Gassisk written in Arabic characters. There's been thousan...
Four female nurses and patient, Nigeria, 1934
Female house in Port Arthur, where the Danish missionaries began the work in China (Manchuria) ...
Female worker, India, ca. 1920
Sta f at the female clinic in Siuyen including Miss Anna Bøgh Madsen, Mrs. Kirstine Nielsen, Mr...
Female missionary eating, India, ca. 1930
Female Christian convert, Nigeria, ca. 1925
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