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English officer preaching.
Army officer on campus, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, ca.1945
European Officer outside Hut, Malawi, ca. 1914-1918
Hirsch, memorandum, 1991-06-17, to Silverman
Army training, Chengdu, China, ca.1935-1945
Salvation Army in Bombay.
Basuto Leaders, two of them serving in the allied armies
Chinese communist army marching to the front.
H. Tingleff Hansen, mission secretary 1968, Regional Secretary Aalborg 1977, cross army priest ...
Officers' Boys Ironing, Malawi, ca. 1914-1918
The equality paradox for women ministers of The Salvation Army
Fodder for the army, Pretoria, South Africa, 1901
Chinese refugees at the Salvation Army barracks, China, ca. 1925
KAR Officer in Garetta, Malawi, ca. 1914-1918
European Officer and Companion, Malawi, ca. 1914-1918
Young chinese woman in a batallion of female students.
Officers' Boys Buying Beer, Malawi, ca. 1914-1918
King's African Rifles Band with European Officer, Malawi, ca. 1914-1918
Japanese military officers seated with a large group of people, China, ca.1938
At the U.S. Army Hospital, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, ca.1945
Political strength, not skirt length: female political figures, media bias, and how public relations can help
Gender inequity and leadership in the large state militia: an innovation study
Social work grand challenge: build healthy relationships to end violence: conjoint couples group therapy to reduce intimate partner violence for Army couples
Nostalgia for the future to come: National consciousness in post-87 Taiwanese literature and cinema
Academic achievement among Hmong students in California: a quantitative and comparative analysis
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