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On an excursion with a sunday school.
An excursion with Hanny Frey and Louise Saladin on Teneriffe.
Prosody and informativity: a cross-linguistic investigation
Excursion procedures.
Going on an excursion, at the Spalentor.
An experimental evaluation of the school excursion
A rotation experiment on the use of an excursion in a unit of work
Modeling human regulation of momentum while interacting with the environment
Reputation management: golf's answer to participation woes
Beautiful view.
Out to the lighthouse-Island.
Climbing Mangenguba Mountain: marching through a village.
English course, March[matt].
Picnic on the Doddabetta, 8,640 feet high.
On the summit.
With the Badagas.
With the Badagas.
Missionary cavalry. Mr Kling, Miss Köhler, myself, Mrs Oltersdorf.
In front of a hut used by someone guarding the fields.
Happy girls from the girls' school in Victoria visiting a christian congregation in a village on Cameroon Mountain.
An improved grassfields bridge (1928).
A crater lake in the Manenguba Mountains.
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