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Boy Scouts visit Long Beach Air Base, 1952
DMS's regional event September 20, 1997 in Hillerød. The picture shows?,? in lively conversatio...
QoS based resource management for Internet applications
Collage to illustrate "A vision of a whole world" upon which the mission work is based
Pakistan 1995. Rev. Humphrey Safaraz Peters. Head of the Educational System at Peshawar Diocese...
On tour to Manakarongana. People from the church carrying luggage: the sound system, slide proj...
DMS's regional event September 20, 1997 in Hillerød. Great interest at one of the sales stalls....
DMS's annual event september 20, 1997 in Hillerød. The photo shows Elise Andersen and Karlo And...
Region Event in Haslev in 1992 or 1993. To the left Ali Wicoluisen, in the center Mona Shuikh
Enriching spoken language processing: representation and modeling of suprasegmental events
Observations and modeling of dynamically triggered high frequency burst events
Robustness analysis of uncertain time -delay systems
Men, oxen, and an irrigation system, India, ca.1920-1940
Mobility-based topology control of robot networks
Evaluating hydroclimatic systems across large metropolitan areas
From 150th anniversary, At the big regional event in Vejle June 9, 1971 distributed girls in or...
Imaging informatics-based electronic patient record and analysis system for multiple sclerosis research, treatment, and disease tracking
WOLAP: wavelet-based on-line analytical processing
Structural system identification and health monitoring of buildings by the wave method based on the Timoshenko beam model
Open quantum systems and error correction
The dormitory water system, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, ca.1939
Paleoenvironmental and paleoecological trends leading up to the end-Triassic mass extinction event
Developing an agent-based simulation model to evaluate competition in private health care markets with an assessment of accountable care organizations
Flight of B-47s from March Air Base to England, 1953
Risk transfer modeling among hierarchically associated stakeholders in development of space systems
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