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National Evangelical Church, Bahrain.
S"ezd Evangel'skikh Khristian, 1917 g.
The old evangelical school in Pitsaikou
Pervyi Vseukrainskii s"ezd Evangel'skix Khristian
The Evangelical. Caring Home. Helwan.
Orkestr Leningradskoi obshchiny Evangel'skikh Khristian, 1928 g.
Pervyi s"ezd Evangel'skikh Khristian, 1907 god
8 s"ezd Evangel'skix Xristian, 1921 god
9-i Vserossiiskii s"ezd Evangel'skikh Khristian, Petrograd, 1923
Evangelical secondary school of Libamba, in Cameroon
Khar'kovskii ob. s"ezd Evangel'skikh Khristian, 1928 god, ianvar'
Sobranie Evangel'skikh Khristian v Ozerkakh bliz Leningrada v 1917 g.
Basketry, possibly from Ruhija Evangelical Academy - REA (?).
National Evangelical Church in Manama, Bahrain 1975
Evangelical church of Cameroon
The message from the Churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists on the day of unity
Istoriya yevangel'skikh khristian-baptistov v SSSR = [History of Evangelical Christians-Baptists in the USSR], 1989
[Miss Anne evangelizing people]
[Miss Anne evangelizing people]
Evangelization camp in Boina, Madagascar
The Evangelical Church in Bahrain1966
This way to the Bible School. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania/ELCTs Bible and Music...
1 Vseukrainskii s"ezd Khristian Evangel'skoi Very, Odessa, 1926 god
Siekta jevanhieĺskich chryścijan = The sect of evangelical Christians, 1930
1 Vseukrainskii s"ezd Khristian Evangel'skoi Very, Odessa, 1926 god
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