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RSCB art committee with the Rutgers Homophile League present: the homosexual--an exhibit of erotic art
Erotic liberation speak-out
Useful dangers: the erotics of form, sadomasochism, Victorian narrative
LA erotic art fair
Richard Grenville, letters (1966)
Attitudes Toward Sex In Marriage And Patterns Of Erotic Behavior In Dating And Courtship Before Marriage
Under the covers: The popularity and debate over black erotic literature
Hugh McCurly interview, Los Angeles, undated
Charlie Airwaves' Hollywood toy is coming Oct. 20-Nov. 20 '78
A new eros: sexuality in women's art before the feminist art movement
Richard Amory's Song of the loon
Richard Amory's Song of the loon
2 outstanding and unbelievably shocking adult films on one incredibly startling first-run show!
Rites XIV : the Saint at Large presents the black party
Wings of flow
The Saint at Large presents the black party : rites XVI
The 1986 New York gay film festival
I wish I had never met you and I was meeting you now
Lionheart Gay Theatre guest series, All men by Perry Brass from New York
Coconut, a musical adventure
Photograph album 11, page 15
Photograph album 11, page 16
Photograph album 11, page 20
Photograph album 11, page 18
Photograph album 11, page 14
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