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The entry port, "Kongens port" with Christian 7. monogram in Tranquebar.
Entry of a malagasy tomb, in Madagascar
Entry of the American Mission Hospital in Muscat, Oman
B. Plan.
The Kagera Region, Tanganyika/Tanzania. Children performing a church play: The Entry to Jerusal...
The entry to the newly build Transfiguration Church in Pondicherry, India
The Port entry to Crater, Aden, also called Bab al Aden
Superintendent strategies and behaviors: building and promoting trust and strong relationships during the entry period in California
Superintendents' entry periods: strategies and behaviors that successful superintendents use to build strong relationships and trust with their school boards during their entry period
Examining the market entry strategies of a university's international expansion into a developing country
Superintendent and school board relations during an entry period: trust, training, and teamwork
Plan of the Leribe Mission station
Plan of the Leribe Mission station
Preparation meeting for the Planning of a new Master Plan for Arcot Lutheran Church
The radio made its entry in the '60s and immediately got important also for mission work. It wa...
Plan of king Njoya's farm, in Cameroon
A house call under the Family Planning Program at Rwantege Dispensary, the North Western Dioces...
Incubation by design: Defining the business incubator building plan
Tirukoilur, Tamil Nadu, South India. Family Planning Department. Foundation Stone laid by DMS P...
Communication plan for City King
The new agora: Feminist planning strategies for redesigning public space
Meeting in the coregroup to plan for the "Masterplan" for Arcot Lutheran Church. In the photo b...
The Reverend Daizo Iwai, Planning Director of the Japan Multimedia Evangelism Project.
Rev. Gideon Devanesan presenting the plans for building of a chuch at Panruti, South India, Mar...
Calcutta, North India, 1988. Mother Teresa and Kamalesh Biswas. The plans for Urban Mission are...
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