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Queer enthusiasms: cross-gender awakening and the affective remnants of religious feeling
The Spirit and enthusiasm
Building a better roleplayer: using compliance techniques to increase player participation and enthusiasm
Foreign business, a device to stimulate enthusiasm in a 9th grade economic world class
30 Rock: "Better Than Bulimia"; The Big Bang Theory: "The Slippery Elm Effect"; Curb Your Enthusiasm: "The Anti-Mensch"
Daniel Chester French, letter, to Hamlin Garland
J.W. Cameron, letter, to Hamlin Garland
Clifton Johnson, letter, 1927-03-07, to Hamlin Garland
A robust adult zebrafish cardiomyocyte isolation protocol and its application in calcium transients imaging
Tàipíngyáng shíbào = Pacific journal, whole no. 350 (1993-01-22)
Sinclair Lewis, letter, to Hamlin Garland
Harold Strong Latham, letter, 1935-06-12, to Hamlin Garland
Carol Green Wilson, letter, 1931-11-18, to Hamlin Garland
The skill demands of pastoral leadership in today's environment
Building personal wellness communities: meaningful play in the everyday life of a network society
Henry Hoyt Hilton, letter, 1934-10-10, to Hamlin Garland
Anatomy class at Ginling College, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 1921
The partial Good Samaritan states: China and Japan in the international relations of autocracy and democracy
The "Farmer Grays" of Germany -- come to town, 1934
Tamil Nadu, India 1988-89. "With 80 students in the class" - A Danish teacher in the Arcot Scho...
Financial crises and trade policy in developing countries
Los Angeles Star, vol. 11, no. 35, January 4, 1862
Fr. Joseph Donovan with the generals of Gaozhou, China, 1921
Fr. Joseph Donovan at the Tungchow mission, China, 1921.
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