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Copy of broken retouched photo, Diamond D. Electric Co., Southern California, 1931
Electric club, 1951
General Electric official here, 1951
Installation in new Los Angeles theater, Diamond E. Electric, Los Angeles, CA, 1931
Open quantum systems and error correction
Electric car tracks on Monrovia line, ca.1905
Intersection of Prairie Boulevard & Electric Boulevard, Southern California, 1929
County Hospital, Newberry Electric, Los Angeles, CA, 1931
Electrical workmen erecting a power pole, ca.1950
Small switch boxes, Diamond Electric, Southern California, 1932
Instructions on diesel motors, National Electrical School, Southern California, 1934
County Hospital, Newbury Electric, Los Angeles, CA, 1932
Saginaw Manistee, Diamond Electrical Company, Southern California, 1932
Men posing on a Pacific Electric railway car, ca.1906
County Hospital, Newberry Electric, Los Angeles, CA, 1932
Pacific Electric car at Subway Terminal, ca.1930
U.S. Electrical Mfg. Co., Southern California, 1931
Optimal electrical stimulation of smooth muscle
Improvement in hyperbolic position location systems
Uniclosed motors, United States Electric, Southern California, 1931
Graduate student employed by International Electric Co., Southern California, 1928
Distribution system reliability analysis for smart grid applications
Bank of switches at Richfield plant, Diamond D. Electric, Southern California, 1931
Exterior of "Big Creek Power House" electric plant, August, 1927
Proposed grade crossing over Pacific Electric, Long Beach Line, at Banning Avenue, Willowbrook, Los Angeles County, 1926
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