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Synod of the Evangelical Church of New Caledonia in Lifou : two church elders
Using network perspective to examine the organization of community -based elder care systems across four communities
An agent-based model to study accountable care organizations
Innovative collaborative systems of care for at risk youth
A part of the gay community caring for our elders
Sociocultural components of health care
Normative obligations and parental care in social context
Forensic markers of physical elder abuse in medical and community contexts: implications for criminal justice interventions
Mulki 1934. Pastors and Elders ready to receive [the guest].
Elias, church elder in Mujuka, with his family.
The village elders of Nkwabeng near Nkoranza 1930.
The Dajak elder of the congregation in Pangkoh.
The Chinese elder of the congregation in Pankoh.
The congregational elder from Batu Tanggoi on the upper Kahajan.
A congregational elder and his family in Lawanggoru (Kahajan).
The family of the elder of the market of Chongpu.
The family of Ho Len sen, church elder in Hoschuwan.
The family of the elder Kong A yen in Hoschuwan.
Rev. Kieser,  missionaries, church elders and catechists in Kayintschu.
Tanganyika (from 1964 Tanzania). From the Kashasha Girls Boarding School, Bukoba. Some elder st...
What is success? an exploration of person-centered intervention of complex elder mistreatment
The Missionary family Fritzie and Ove Peder Bartholdy with their two elder kids: Peter (1954) a...
Elders of the congregation in Lim zhai with the catechists and the missionary, 1937.
Bapa Teni, the elder of the congregation in Batu Njiwuh on the upper Kahajan.
The elders of Jendi.
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