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Detailed properties of seismic waveforms and earthquake sources in Southern California
Earthquake damage, India, 1934
The Philippines. Victims of the Luzon earthquake, 16.07.1990.
The Philippines. Damages after the Luzon earthquake, 16.07.1990.
The Luzon Earthquake at the Philippines, 16.07.1990.
Methods for evaluating earthquake predictions
Refugee camp established after the Luzon Earthquake of the Philippines, 16/07/1990.
The Philippines. Major damages after the Luzon earthquake, 16/07/1990.
Response of a 14-story reinforced concrete structure to nine earthquakes: 61 years of observation in the Hollywood storage building, 2001
Observations and modeling of dynamically triggered high frequency burst events
Missionary house in ruins after an earthquake, Kangra, India, ca.1920-1940
Earthquake-driven landsliding, erosion and mountain building: from the eastern Tibetan mountains towards global models
Landslide inventory associated with the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake and implications for seismic mountain building
Woman cooking in Fillmore Street after the earthquake, San Francisco, 1906
Applying automated techniques to large seismic datasets for systematic analyses of phases, source, and structure
San Francisco earthquake damage, showing ruins of the Masonic Temple on Post and Montgomery Streets, 1906
San Francisco earthquake damage, showing a crowd in front of the ruins of City Hall, 1906
San Francisco earthquake damage, showing ruins of buildings on Market Street from the Flood Building, 1906
San Francisco earthquake damage, showing the Mutual Life Building amidst the ruins of Kearney Street, 1906
Methodology for selection of earthquake design motions for important engineering structures, 1989
Heterogeneity of earthquake stress drops, focal mechanisms and active fault zones
Settlement of dry cohesionless soil deposits under earthquake induced loading
Analysis of waveform and catalog data of aftershocks for properties of earthquakes and faults
Sunken ground from an earthquake at the M.L. Post Office, [s.d.]
A preliminary study of the duration of strong earthquake ground motion on the territory of former Yugoslavia, 1993
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