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Earthquake damage, India, 1934
The Philippines. Victims of the Luzon earthquake, 16.07.1990.
The Philippines. Damages after the Luzon earthquake, 16.07.1990.
The Luzon Earthquake at the Philippines, 16.07.1990.
Non-linear earthquake waves in seven-storey reinforced concrete hotel, 2006
Methods for evaluating earthquake predictions
Duration of strong earthquake ground motion: physical basis and empirical equations, 1993
Refugee camp established after the Luzon Earthquake of the Philippines, 16/07/1990.
The Philippines. Major damages after the Luzon earthquake, 16/07/1990.
Missionary house in ruins after an earthquake, Kangra, India, ca.1920-1940
Earthquake-driven landsliding, erosion and mountain building: from the eastern Tibetan mountains towards global models
Methodology for selection of earthquake design motions for important engineering structures, 1989
Heterogeneity of earthquake stress drops, focal mechanisms and active fault zones
Christiansborg Castle and the camp at the time of the earthquake.
Dynamic rupture processes and seismic radiation in models of earthquake faults separating similar and dissimilar solids
Street damaged by an earthquake, Shantou, China, 1918
Earthquake destruction, Guangdong, China, ca.1913-1923
Determining fault zone structure and examining earthquake early warning signals using large datasets of seismograms
Analyzing earthquake casualty risk at census block level: a case study in the Lexington Central Business District, Kentucky
Building damaged by an earthquake, Shantou, Guangdong, China, 1918
The earthquake response of bridge pile foundations to liquefaction induced lateral spread displacement demands
Analytical and experimental methods for regional earthquake spectra and structural health monitoring applications
Buildings damaged by an earthquake, Shantou, China, 1918
A course of study for physical science.
Integration and validation of deterministic earthquake simulations in probabilistic seismic hazard analysis
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