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Dynamic rupture processes and seismic radiation in models of earthquake faults separating similar and dissimilar solids
Impulse response analysis of the Van Nuys 7-story hotel during 11 earthquakes (1971-1994): one-dimensional wave propagation and inferences on global and local reduction of stiffness due to earthq...
Non-linear earthquake waves in seven-storey reinforced concrete hotel, 2006
Earthquake response of arch dams to nonuniform canyon motion, 1988
Building periods for use in earthquake resistant design codes -- earthquake response data compilation and analysis of time and amplitude variations, 2004
Detailed properties of seismic waveforms and earthquake sources in Southern California
Heterogeneity of earthquake stress drops, focal mechanisms and active fault zones
Strong earthquake ground motion data in EQINFOS: part 1, 1987
Landslide inventory associated with the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake and implications for seismic mountain building
Investigation of numerical methods in inversion of earthquake source, 1986
Observations and modeling of dynamically triggered high frequency burst events
Investigation of earthquake response of simple bridge structures, 1986
Strong earthquake ground motion data in EQINFOS: Yugoslavia part 1, 1987
Settlement of dry cohesionless soil deposits under earthquake induced loading
Statistical analysis of response spectra method in earthquake engineering, 1987
Methodology for selection of earthquake design motions for important engineering structures, 1989
Symmetry properties, pulverized rocks and damage architecture as signatures of earthquake ruptures
Investigation of building responses to translational and rotational earthquake excitations, 1989
A preliminary study of the duration of strong earthquake ground motion on the territory of former Yugoslavia, 1993
Frequency dependent duration of strong earthquake ground motion: updated empirical equations, 1995
Duration of strong earthquake ground motion: physical basis and empirical equations, 1993
Investigation of response to earthquake excitation: a statistical basis for spectrum superposition, 1983
Effects of soil structure interaction on the response of building during the strong earthquake ground motion, 1986
Preliminary empirical models for scaling pseudo relative velocity spectra of strong earthquake accelerations in terms of magnitude, distance, site intensity and recording site conditions, 1985
Uniformly processed strong earthquake ground accelerations in the Western United States of America for the period from 1933-1971: pseudo relative velocity spectra and processing noise, 1977
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