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Crates of citrus being loaded onto the ship Annie Johnson Stockholm,  March 16, 1931
New technology and the practice of public relations: Launching a World Wide Web site for the Malibu Chamber of Commerce
Exterior view of an unidentified oil refinery, showing rows of spherical tanks, ca.1940
Exterior view of a man looking into a large rimmed pipe, ca.1940
Men on a fishing boat, ca.1930
Construction of Boulder Dam, showing a concrete base, ca.1930
Four men working in an oil refinery, ca.1940
Exterior view of an unidentified oil refinery, ca.1940
Exterior view of an unidentified oil refinery, showing a cluster of towers, ca.1940
Two men operating a tractor at an industrial site, [s.d.]
Crowd of people at a train station in Oakland, [s.d.]
Workers moving large cakes of ice for the "icing car" (cargo?) outside of the orange groves in Puente Hills, ca.1920-1930
Santa Barbara oil wells on docks in the ocean, ca.1920
Interior view of Long Beach Steam Plant generators, May 1, 1925
Ambassador Hotel, ca.1920-1929
Passengers arriving at train station wearing winter clothing, December, 1927
Workers showing a method of pipe bending at the Crane Company, ca.1920
View of power generation structures at the relay station at Boulder Dam, [s.d.]
Crowd of people walking beside a tobogganing slope at Big Pines, [s.d.].
View of the power relay station at Boulder Dam, [s.d.]
Male lion leaping over three others as a trainer watches, at Gay's Lion Farm, ca.1936
Partial aerial view of a chemical potash factory and railroad yards, September 1928
Male diver launching himself into the air, ca.1930
Male diver in mid-air, ca.1930
Large ocean view with a large palm tree in right foreground, Waikiki, Hawaii, [s.d.]
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