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65. Marta Feuchtwanger donation to Doheny Library, 1959
Wheelchair bought with donations from Examiner readers, 1958
Football - Rams donate football to kid fan, 1957
Chengam Church, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu, South India, 1974. Donated by Helleruplund...
Donate!; ¡Done!
Cruiser Los Angeles donates checks to homes, 1951
Arcot, Sydindien. Melpattambakkam Girl's Boarding School has been given new buildings, donated ...
Donated communion dishes for the congregation in Mbozi, Tanzania, [s.d.]
Donation for new Headquarters for Chamber of Commerce, 1954
Board of Supervisors donate $25,000 for organ for Sports Arena, 1959
Santa Anita Turf Club donation to U.S. Olympic funds, 1960
Painters donate time to paint orphanage (3200 Motor Avenue, West Los Angeles), 1952
Baptismal basin and jug in Dalny (Dairen church), donated by the Sunday School children in Øste...
Missionary Elna Andersen (DMS) hand over a motorbike, which was given as donation by "Disella" ...
Berkeley Hall School pupils who donated money to North Church steeple fund, 1954
A multitheoretical multilevel explication of crowd-enabled organizations: exploration/exploitation, social capital, signaling, and homophily as determinants of associative mechanisms in donation-...
Commemorative plaque reading: "Taarbeks Prayer and School House donated by the Christian owners...
A church on the way - FDF in Denmark (scouts) has donated a 'Car for evangelism'. Used in: Dans...
$20,000 donated to Saint Joseph's Hospital by Republic Studios, 1952
Communion set donated to the American Board of Mission in 1833 by Dr Morrison.
At new Los Angeles Orphanage construction, the workers donated time for the orphans, 1951
Creative activities are part of the treatment of children with leprosy. Legos - donated by Lego...
A. R. Holton Observes a Donation of Medical Equipment to a South Korean Medical Clinic, Seoul, South Korea, ca.1958-1962
The front of the San Gabriel Mission Church, with chalk boards announcing a picnic and a parishioners meeting and asking for donations for the reflooring of the church
Kungminhoe. Various donation records.
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