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"1647 - Bulletin Board, Chinatown", postcard, 1909-12-11
"Coming events" & "Round up", 1949
"George Inagaki (Nisei), Executive-Secretary of the South District Council of the Japanese-American Citizens' League, is manager of the Kitagawa Nursery.  He is shown selling gardenias at the Los...
"Japanese in Little Tokyo are shown watching bulletins as the war started" -- caption on photograph
"Japs Register -- In preparation for the mass exodus of Japanese from San Francisco" -- caption on photograph
"The Japanese in rural Los Angeles county", pamphlet, 1920-06
"The Santa Rita Settlement", pamphlet, circa 1920
"They're Japanese -- but loyal Americans.  Some of the nation's most loyal citizens are those of Japanese, German and Italian descent" -- caption on photograph
"Throngs line parade route to see and cheer president", 1949
"Truman pledges support of U.S. to all free peoples", ca.1948
(a) a stool. (b) Ngeka (a game). (c) palm-rib as children's toy. (d) knife for tattooing. (e) fish trap. (f) Hoe. (g) Crowbar. (h) method of fixing a roof timber. (i) sliding door in the hut.
(a) antilope horns with feathers. (b) Minke. (c) Ndawayowo (protection against snakes). (d) two medicines for protection against theft of agricultural produce. (e) Protextion against snakes.
(a) musical instrument. (b) drum for dancing. (c) Guitar (d) Box for smoking.
11th Naval District. Activities and status of Japanese retail stores, 1932
11th Naval District. Japanese activities in Southern California, 1933
11th Naval District. Japanese fishing fleet suspected of espionage, 1934
11th Naval District. Reports on individual suspect Japanese Americans, 1930s
A Statical Analysis And Structural Performance Of Commercial Buildings In The Northridge Earthquake
Violent Environments And Their Effects On Children
Public Art In Corporate Downtown Los Angeles
The Characterization Of Huntington Beach And Newport Beach Through Fourier Grain-Shape, Grain-Size, And Longshore Current Analyses
Recommendations For Public Art And Community Art Planning For Kobe, Japan
The Use Of Occupational Therapists Or Interdisciplinary Teams In The Evaluation Of Assistive Technology Needs Of Children With Severe Physical Disabilities In Orange County Schools
Determinants Of Neonatal And Postneonatal Mortality: The Case Of Malawi, 1992
A Parallel Examination Of The Development Of Cultural Awareness And The History Of Photographic Practice In Los Angeles Leading To The Establishment Of The Los Angeles County Museum Of History, S...
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