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Generation and degeneration of long internal waves in lakes
Wave induced hydrodynamic complexity and transport in the nearshore
Detection and optical signal processing using phase based optical modulation formats
Asperger at Mission San Juan Bautista
Pasadena panoramic view looking northeast toward mountains, ca.1898-1900
Devil's Playground, scenic view, ca.1903
Cattle grazing near Bakersfield, ca.1920
Ultrafast electronic deactivation of DNA bases in aqueous solution
Integrin β3TM structural investigations using phospholipid nanodiscs
Optical wave mixing for tunable delays and high‐speed signal processing
Reconfigurable high‐speed optical signal processing and high‐capacity optical transmitter
Integrated silicon waveguides and specialty optical fibers for optical communications system applications
Regarding Vietnam: affects in Vietnamese and Vietnamese diasporic literature and film
On-site impacts of Title I and Title III grant flexibility
Fiber-reinforced syntactic foams
Comparative physiological studies of marine invertebrate larvae from Antarctic and temperate environments
Gertrude Haessler carried from hunger march by Washington D.C. police, 1932
Security Apartments, Ivar St., Los Angeles, 1928
Immaculate Heart Sisters, Jiangmen, China, ca. 1949
Panorama of San Bernardino, showing crop fields, ca.1900
Chino church and residences, ca.1900
Calla Lily field with trees in the background, ca.1896
Stand of Redwood Trees in Del Monte, showing a hollow tree at left, ca.1920
Portrait of students posing with their teachers in front of Baptist College, ca.1900
Aerial view of Citrus Junior College, [s.d.]
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