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Dentist program.
Development project financed by Danida
Development project in Mongolia, financed by Danida
 Women's International Convention, Church of God in Christ, program (36th: 1986: Long Beach, CA)
Developing a mentor training program for urban apartment ministry, a report presented by Blondella James Brown.
United Mission to Nepal, Butwal. Development and Consulting Services (DCS).
Commencement program, USC (138th: 2021: Memorial Coliseum)
Education is important for economic development in Nepal.
Commencement program, USC (137th: 2020 in 2021: Memorial Coliseum)
Police officer expedited testing program, 1987
Leadership development in student affairs graduate preparatory programs
Women's International Convention, Church of God in Christ, program (50th: 2000: Los Angeles, CA)
Kalrayan Hills, South India. Pharmacy of the ALC Community Health and Development Services, 199...
United Mission to Nepal. Development work, Butwal. A small watermill, BTI, April 1986.
United Mission to Nepal. Development work, construction of a biogas plant.
Scenes and people from the village, Preah S'Dach. Development Comittee in a village
Women's day program, [s.d.]
Los Angeles' expedited police officer recruitment & testing programs, 1988-09
Day program, COGIC, 1984
Undergraduates in the developing world: study abroad program management in sub-Saharan Africa
United Mission to Nepal is involved in development projects throughout the country. Here from a...
COGIC, leadership conference program, 2007
United Mission to Nepal. Bus from the Development & Consulting Services (DCS) in Butwal, Novemb...
United Mission to Nepal. Development work with active involvement of local people in the rural ...
Women's day program & workshop program, Texas southeast, COGIC, 1992
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