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A Luban man, [s.d.]
An Awemba woman and baby, [s.d]
The court dancers of Kazembi, [s.d.]
Family at home, [s.d]
A slave in a sheba (slavefolk), [s.d]
An Awemba woman wearing asprey (osprey?) feathers, [s.d.]
An Afipa headman with staff, [s.d.]
Safari caravan leaders, [s.d]
A woman rescued from Mombo's Burial Massacre, [s.d.]
Two women pounding grain into flour, [s.d.]
Ngombi Sazi, Livingstone's personal friend, [s.d]
Lush vegetation with water flowing down a slope, [s.d.]
A banana plantation, [s.d.]
An Wacondi village scene, [s.d]
A bride with a child on her shoulders, [s.d.]
Women at an initiation ceremony, [s.d.]
A Wacondi man, N. Nyasa, [s.d]
A woman and children bringing gifts to a new white boy, [s.d.]
Spirit huts in a village street, [s.d.]
A witch doctor attempting to cure a dying man, [s.d.]
A woman and a child with an empty basket on her head, [s.d]
Native imitation of a Busby, [s.d]
A woman on her wedding day, [s.d.]
Bridegroom with a boy as his attendant, [s.d.]
Men in a dug-out canoe on Lake Tanganyika, [s.d.]
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