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Girls playing and dancing, in Madagascar
Visit of Bukoba dance group 1999.
Annual General meeting 1992. Philippine dance
Visit of Bukoba dance group, 1999.
African dance group, Estcourt, South Africa, [s.d.]
Time for the bear and the orang-utang to dance.
Two young boys dancing before drummers, Congo, ca.1920-1940
Dioula dancing at Kouto, Cote d'Ivoire, ca.1920-1940
African people dancing, southern Africa, ca. 1880-1914
Dancing and ....
Dancing costume.
Bhuten dance.
Ready for the war-dance on the market in Fumban.
People ready to leave after the Lela Dance.
Assembly of the Pacific conference of Churches in Chepenehe, 1966 : a dance show
Woman fetish priest in Akropong. Behind her a drummer, who accompanies the dancing.
Chinese folk dance performances in the United States: opportunities and challenges faced by PR professionals
Nahui Ollin, “in search of the divine force”: a phyical immersive interactive dance experience
Man dancing in a circle of people, Congo, ca.1920-1940
The kinesthetic citizen: Dance and critical art practices
Dancing izAngoma with their master, Ehlanzeni, South Africa, 1946
Dancing izAngoma with their master in Ehlanzeni, South Africa, 1946
Native dance in Bunduku. The womens' dance.
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