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The eyes have it. Advertising in "Modern Maturity": Does it incorporate physiological changes in vision as we age?
A comparative study of a group of eighteenth-century high chests produced in Salem, Massachusetts
Tween anti-litter/storm drain awareness campaign
A Cross-Cultural Study Of The Use Of Art Forms
An Economic Analysis Of The Factor Market For Pharmacists
The Competence Of A Mildly Retarded Population
Mobility Of Polymer Solutions In Porous Media
An Exploratory Study Of Pupillary Dilation As A Measure Of Difference In Attitude Of Three Groups Of Educators Toward Orthopedically Handicapped Children
An Examination Of Possible Changes In Authoritarianism, Values, And Cognitive Complexity, With Their Implications For Business
A Study Of Crisis In A Residential Treatment Center For Alcoholics
John Canalli as make-up artist
Articles for Christmas number, Southern California, 1934
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Boxes of glazed fruit, Hollywood Laboratories, Southern California, 1930
California international trade fair, 1959
Christmas articles, Bullock's, Southern California, 1935
Christmas articles, Southern California, 1934
Christmas decorations, Broadway Department Store, Los Angeles, CA, 1925
Interior view of the Ville de Paris shop, located between Broadway, Hill Street, Second Street, and Third Street, [s.d.]
Construction of the City Garage in Pershing Square in Los Angeles, 1951
Two women, one of whom is putting on makeup at a mirror, in a new lightweight steel railroad car, ca.1930
Thrifty Drug on Fifth Street and Hill Street in the Title Guarantee Building, [s.d.]
Jar, cosmetic
Cosmetic jar
Cosmetic (?) jar
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