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Workers standing near the Shell Oil Company Williams #1 Well, at the time the deepest in the world, March 6, 1931
Group of "Coolie" laborers waiting for work, China, ca.1900
Group of "Coolie" laborers waiting for work, China, ca.1900
Filter press of the Echo Mining Company, Mojave Mining District, ca.1907
Five workmen standing around the rotary drill system in action, Brayer Field, ca.1910
Close-up of a field of Asters (California) in bloom, ca.1900
Classroom of students with their teachers inside a Walapai Indian school at Hackbury, Arizona, circa 1900
Interior view of the jigger room at the Pacific Clay Products factory in Los Angeles, 1934
Man looking at meters in the propane control room at the Triton Motor Oil refinery, 1934
Dr. Albert Abraham Michelson, the first American to receive the Nobel Prize in sciences, in a laboratory, ca.1930
Man shoveling a white substance, [s.d.]
Men moving small metal bricks with a long set of tongs, [s.d.]
Factory workers gathered around a steaming pot of molten metal, [s.d.]
View of 2-180 H.P. Fairbanks Morse diesel engines at the General Alvaro Obregon Ranch, Cajeme, Mexico, [s.d.]
Power plant at the General Alvaro Obregon Ranch, Cajeme, Mexico, [s.d.]
The archaeology of the upper Salt River Valley, Arizona: Its sequence and interrelationships
Comparative population ecology of Peromyscus mexicanus in a Costa Rican wet forest
Social and semantic dimensions of deictic verbs and particles in Samoan child language
On the origin and development of streamwise vortical structures in a plane, free shear-layer
Investigations of novel materials via scanning tunneling microscopy and conventional tunneling techniques
After shock, 1993
Hope, 1993
Vibration reduction using prestress in wood floor framing
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