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Advertising and consumption in post-Mao China: between the local and the global
How does status influence behavior? The impact of achieved and endowed status on consumption patterns
A typical day for women in rural Nepal is like this: As the consumption of firewood in the vill...
Dining room, Kongmoon, China, ca. 1938
A baby orphan at Yangjiang, China, 1949
Novices eating a meal, Jiangmen, China, ca. 1947
Orphans eating a meal, Yeung Kong, China, ca. 1920
Students eating a meal, Hong Kong, China, ca. 1930
Immaculate Heart Sisters eating dinner, Jiangmen, China, ca. 1947
Family meal on the dock, Loting, China, ca. 1935
Meal time at the orphanage at Luoding, China, 1927
Maryknoll priests and Sisters with orphans at Luoding, China, 1927
A young boy eating rice at Luoding, China, 1936
A small child eating rice at Luoding, China, [s.d.]
An outdoor supper at the orphanage at Luoding, China, [s.d.]
Maryknoll Sister shares the dinner table with a family at Guangdong, China, 1948
China-Africa cooperation: an assessment through the lens of China’s development experience
Medical  mission, Dr Stokes, patient with consumption visiting the mission doctor. India.
The decisions of migration and remittances in rural China
Intergenerational transfers in rural China: Do children's gender and birth order matter?
Consumption of Cantonese-style salted fish and nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Comparison of senior middle school students' smoking behavior between urban and rural area in China
The effects of time and space on health status of older adults in China
The role of international PR firms in the use of CSR to achieve harmonious society in mainland China and Hong Kong
Foreign-related activities of the Chinese local governments and agents of globalization: a case study of 31 provinces in mainland China
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