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Computer keyboard, USC, 2002
Dynamic functional magnetic resonance imaging to localize activated neurons
Computer data cables, USC, 2003
Hands on computer keyboard, USC, 2003
Crocker Business Library computers, USC, 2003
Computer machine, 1958.
Computer machine, 1958.
Salvatori Center, USC, 1976-2006
Location of lesions on postmortem brain by co-registering corresponding MRI and postmortem slices
Computer Education ifor young people in Ratanakiri in 2001.
Computer Sciences Corp., El Segundo, Calif., 1982
Computer Sciences Corp., El Segundo, Calif., 1982
Anna Lise Colling, computer registration
3 men with computer, USC, 1990-1992
University of California Los Angeles computing machine, 1951
Computer machine, 1958.
On scheduling, timeliness and security in large scale distributed computing
Computer demonstration, 1958
Computers, 1958
Computer demonstration room of Logistics Research Incorporated, ca.1950
Desk and ALWAC III computer, at Logistics Research, ca.1950
Student with computer, Fagg Gardens, USC, 2002
Hybrid mesh/image-based rendering techniques for computer graphics applications
Technician testing a connection in the internal wiring of a Burroughs 205 Electronic Digital Computer, 1950-1960
Engineer working with Litton 20, a "revolutionary new" electronic digital computer by Litton Industries, ca.1940
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