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Communicating organizational knowledge in a sociomaterial network: the influences of communication load, legitimacy, and credibility on health care best-practice communication
People loading pirogues, in Gabon
Academic advising, engagment with faculty, course load, course type, and course completion rates for urban community college students with learning disabilties
[Loading of bananas on a boat]
Nepal. Woman with her loaded basket (dhoka).
Farmer bringing load of grass to market
"Watts per person" paradigm to design net zero energy buildings: examining technology interventions and integrating occupant feedback to reduce plug loads in a commercial building
[Young men in the river, loading timber in a dugout]
A pack-horse carrying a load of coconuts
Loading trucks, near Sire, Ethiopia, 1952
Examining dual language immersion program instructional practices with regard to cognitive load theory
Kathmandu, October 1991. Nepalis are trained in carrying heavy loads.
Data-driven aggregated fractal dynamic load modeling for early warning of voltage collapse
On practical network optimization: convergence, finite buffers, and load balancing
Heavily loaded skiff, Sichuan, China, ca.1900-1920
Loading trucks, near Sire, Ethiopia, 1952
Optimal distributed algorithms for scheduling and load balancing in wireless networks
Pakistan, NWFP. Pathan man and his water buffalo with a high load, Peshawar District.
PowerPoint design based on cognitive load theory and cognitive theory of multimedia learning for introduction to statistics
Loading of a bulk carriers which transport phosphate
The incorporation of instructional approaches in formal training for lawyers that address issues of cognitive load and the development of expertise
Loading cargo in Maputo, Mozambique, ca. 1896-1911
Nepal 1986. Loads carried on the back in a dhoka - basket with headbands.
Nepal. Tansen, Palpa, October 1991. Woman carrying loads in a basket on her back (dhoka).
Transportation in Nepal. In many areas heavy loads must be carried by people, 1988.
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