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A common home, village of Tautira, Tahiti
Common form of transportation. China about 1930
Common dining, 1996. (Agriculture Project: Menoufia district)
Child labour is very common throughout Nepal.
Child labour is very common throughout Nepal. Photo 1986.
Women students playing ping pong in the dormitory common room, Yenching University, Beijing, China, 1941
Women students of Yenching University in the dormitory common room, Beijing, China, 1941
Sweihwafu Hospital, built in 1926. Male Division - common room - 10 beds - Southeast corner
Nepalis walking on foot, a most common way of transport. November 1986.
This is a common greeting, nose to nose. South of Yemen 1970
Modern girl wearing a common coat with a black scarf covering her head. 1965
Shifting educator’s paradigm from the practice of implementing standards based learning and assessments to project based learning and assessments for the Common Core State Standards
At odds with assessment: Being a critical educator within the academy, 2016
Probability assessment: Continuous quantities and probability decomposition
Common prayer before Bible Distribution in Bahrain- Borch Jensen at the table and missionary nu...
The women's hospital in Antung. The common wardroom. Dr. Marie Nielsen at the Cristmas-tree, Ch...
The Mornai Tea Estate, Assam, North India. The tea is tested daily to assess quality, heat trea...
Common Core implementation decisions made by principals in elementary schools
A framework for automated administration of post stroke assessment test
Gallery (common room).
A Catholic school dilemma: Adopt Common Core State Standards?
Common types of Mangalore.
The relationship between teacher assessment practices, student goal orientation, and student engagement in elementary mathematics
Optimizations in the assessment of pediatric bone
Common Core implementation: decisions made by Southern California superintendents of unified school districts
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