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The history of documentary in Africa -- The Colonial era
Mohulpahari, Santal Parganas, North India. A leper patient, Saldoha Leprosy Colony, April 1988.
North India, Mohulpahari, Santal Parganas. The church of Saldoha Leprosy Colony. (Photo 1989?).
Grahampur, North India. The New Year Church Service of Christians from the Assam Colony.
North India, Mohulpahari, Santal Parganas. From Saldoha Leprosy Colony. Young patients are stud...
North India, Mohulpahari, Santal Parganas. Saldoha Leprosy Colony. Orphanage for the healthy ch...
Emily Godfrey at leper colony, Christmas, Nigeria, 1934
The "clean" hospital, leper colony, Nigeria, ca. 1932
Women's ward, leper colony hospital, Nigeria, 1932
Tranquebar. Danish colony 1620-1845. Kongensgade
"The White Gate", Uzuakoli leper colony, Nigeria, 1932
Outdoor restaurant with Spanish Colonial architecture, [s.d.]
Mohulpahari, Santal Parganas, North India. Saldoha Leprosy Colony, 1928. Leper patients at the ...
From a visit to Tranquebar, South India,1998. Photo: Buildings from the Colonial Period, 1620-1...
The office, leper colony, Uzuakoli, Nigeria, ca. 1932
Women's town leper colony, Christmas, Nigeria, 1932
Unidentified Spanish Colonial building with archways, ca.1920
House where Margaret Truman will stay at Malibu Colony, 1952
Post card with printed text: Tiger killed in the Colony. Missionary Gausdal and deceased Raya "...
Spaces of violence: indigenous figuration and Los Angeles colonial culture
Colonial office Accra. (Mai 1890).
North India, Mohulpahari, Santal Parganas. Scouts at Saldoha Leprosy Colony. Nunku is telling h...
Leper colony in Bethesda.
Colonial Outfitting Co., 4373 South Hoover Street, Los Angeles, CA, 1929
The Assam Colony, North India. People returning home from the New Year Church Service at Graham...
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