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"For the Sake of Love" promotion, 2006
"Live" in St. Louis, 1983
"Lord Here I Am", Kenneth Glover, [s.d]
"The Anointing" program, 1993
"Too Good to Let Go" stageplay promotion, 2005
The best of the Mighty Clouds of Joy, 1973
The Staple Singers
The soul stirring sounds of the Pilgrim Travelers
The heart, the faith, the soul of Clara Ward, ca. 1966
First Lady (Shirley Caesar), 1978
When Mother's Gone (Spirit of Memphis Quartet) , 1953
In the storm too long (Dixie Hummingbirds), ca. 1991
Let us go into the house of the Lord (Edwin Hawkins Singers), 1969
Silent night: songs for Christmas (Mahalia Jackson), 1970-1979
I walk with God (James Cleveland), [s.d.]
12th annual fashion show and concert program, 1995
The Effect Of Positive Affective Arousal On Crossed Categorization Effects
A Parallel Examination Of The Development Of Cultural Awareness And The History Of Photographic Practice In Los Angeles Leading To The Establishment Of The Los Angeles County Museum Of History, S...
Lorenzo Lotto's marriage portraits: Visions of matriarchal authority within conjugal ideals
Like a rolling stone: The oral history of a non-resident Indian in Los Angeles, California
A history and analysis of the decline of the roadshow mode of motion picture exhibition, 1965-1975
Witness to welfare reform: How the print media in Southern California are reporting on the most significant shift in social welfare policy in 60 years
Japan's modernization and troubled identity: Grappling with the West and other foreigners
California's In-Home Supportive Services debate: An application and critique of the governmental politics model of the decision-making process
Creamy or chunky:  The pursuit of consumer bliss and the application of paint
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