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"Keep a Stiff Upper Lip", Southern California, 1932
121. Lipton interview; Foster, Judd, Forsberg, Nordine reading poetry, [s.d.]
Characterizing the function of murine epididymal secretory protein 1 (ME1) in hematopoietic stem cells
A Study Of Progesterone Metabolism
The Separation Of Complete And Incomplete Blood Group Antibodies
An Experimental Study Of Aggression Habit Patterns And Sex Role
The Giant And The Dragon Of The Folk Epic
The Modification Of Partial Reinforcement Effect As A Consequence Of Electrical Stimulation Of The Caudate Nucleus In Cats
Physiological And Behavioral Differentiation Of Social Roles In A Population Cage Of Magnetically Tagged Cba Mice
The reinforcement of cooperation between profoundly retarded adults
Environmental Influences Upon The Relationship Of Engagement In Occupation To Adaptation Among Captive Chimpanzees
Ape and Tarzan, Southern California, 1932
Chimpanzee at Selig zoo, Los Angeles, CA, 1930
Chimpanzee bite suit, 1955
Chimpanzee escapes from Griffith Park Zoo (bites cop), 1952
Chimpanzee, 1953
Chimpanzees at Griffith Park Zoo, 1952
Chimpanzee and bear dressed in straw hats and vests, [s.d.]
Close-up view of Chimpanzee "Mary", ca.1940
Close-up view of Chimpanzee "Mary's" hands placed on a white tablecloth, ca.1940
Chimpanzee "Mary" sitting on a bench with a pipe, ca.1940
Chimpanzee "Mike" posed with rifle, ca.1940
Chimpanzee family, "Mike, Mary, Bill and Lucy", sitting on a bench, ca.1940
Endocrine aspects of aggression and dominance in chimpanzees of the Kibale Forest
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