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"Arrested in danger zone, three Japanese are pictured being booked at central jail.  On the right is Kiyushi Nakano, with Uyemura Katsuji in center.  Their actions will be investigated by police ...
"Dramatic Meeting -- As the returned Japs chatted gayly at Union Station, a group of Marines (who had seen action tin the Pacific theater) filed past" -- caption on photograph
"Go away girls, you bother us", 1945
"Jap Repatriates Rescued After Transport sinks" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese in Little Tokyo are shown watching bulletins as the war started.  Here is a bulletin posted on a wall of one of the buildings.  Many were shocked, angered by the Japanese government act...
"Man on the Street" broadcast, Los Angeles, CA, 1940
"Society" -- Maternity ward, Saint Vincent's Hospital, 1955
"Society" -- UCLA Tenth Reunion, 1955
'Twine action', Southern California, 1931
(a) a stool. (b) Ngeka (a game). (c) palm-rib as children's toy. (d) knife for tattooing. (e) fish trap. (f) Hoe. (g) Crowbar. (h) method of fixing a roof timber. (i) sliding door in the hut.
(a) antilope horns with feathers. (b) Minke. (c) Ndawayowo (protection against snakes). (d) two medicines for protection against theft of agricultural produce. (e) Protextion against snakes.
(a) musical instrument. (b) drum for dancing. (c) Guitar (d) Box for smoking.
March on Albany
10.17. IC on LAPD / general counsel - FBI director, 1965 Jan. 7 - 1991 May 7
10.18. IC on LAPD / general counsel - alternatives re chief of police, 1990 May 1 - 1991 May 17
11.4. IC on LAPD / general counsel - 1991 May 1 meeting (1 of 4), 1991 Apr. 17 - May 8
A Model For Integrating Occupational Therapy Procedures
Counseling And Behavior Modification In The Military Forces
Effects Of Age And Gender On Speed And Accuracy Of Hand Movements And The Refinements They Suggest For Fitts' Law
An Examination Of Values And Violent Crime Rates
Locatives In Chinese And Japanese: Distribution, Case Assignment And C-Command
The Dream Becomes A Reality(?): Nation Building And The Continued Struggle Of The Women Of The Eritrean People'S Liberation Front
A Statical Analysis And Structural Performance Of Commercial Buildings In The Northridge Earthquake
Children'S Immediate Reactions To Interparental Conflict
On The Limits Of Not Being Scripted: Video-Making And Discursive Positioning In Coastal Southeast Sulawesi
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