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Cattle of the California and Mexican Land and Cattle Company, Calexico, ca.1910
Cattle grazing in alfalfa field, [s.d.]
Cattle in a pen, Milner ranch?, Calif., ca. 1950s
Ranch scenes, hay, Southern California, 1935
Coyboys branding cattle in a corral, California, ca.1900
Cowboys tending to several herds of cattle, ca.1900
Cattle being led across the Powder River, Montana, 1886
Painting depicting a cattle stampede, by W.R. Leigh, ca.1880
Painting of a Spanish Rancho cattle round-up
Distant view of Montana cowboys and a herd of cattle, ca.1898
Herd of cattle on part of the Powder River trail, Texas, 1887
California ranch house and cowboys, ca.1890
Cattle being driven on a road to Point Lobos from Pacific Grove, Monterey, California, 1901
Ireby Barrow Ranch looking north, Los Angeles, ca.1894
Cattle, La Lomita Rancho, Southern California, 1925
Beverly Hills dairy herd on Hammel and Denker ranch, ca.1905
View of Rindge Ranch in Malibu's Ramera Canyon, seventeen miles north of Santa Monica, ca.1906 (1925?)
Brands of the California ranches, ca.1840-1900
Painting depicting early morning activities on a large ranch in Montana, ca.1880
Drawing by Vischer depicting a Spanish ranch scene in Marin County, ten miles north of San Rafael, ca.1860
Cows at Van de Kamp's ranch, California, 1946
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