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"Al" in bowery outfit with 1907 Packard, Southern California, 1933
"Firebug" pix, Temple City Sheriff's Station, 1951
"Japanese Roundup -- Many Japanese taken into custody in F.B.I. and police roundup -- Photo shows an official of the San Francisco Japanese Association, Shojiro Hori, is shown being led to car by...
"Just the car we wanted", Southern California, 1936
"Mark Moody points out American Bantam Austin's fine points," The China Press 5/24/1931
"Personal possessions of Jap evacuee are piled high on roadster, one of 300 cars in Manzanar caravan.  Army jeeps, each bearing two soldiers, were escorts."--caption on photograph
"Picking Oranges on a Covina Ranch, California", postcard, circa 1915
"Returning to the baggage checking station, the evacuees are segregated in seats numbered to correspond with the numbers of the cars on the train" -- caption on photograph
"Stop Wear" publicity, Union Oil Co., Southern California, 1933
"Sugar Ray" the lost dog, 1957
"Tei Tsuji, American-born daughter of a Japanese national, here is pictured placing her mother's suitcase in the family car, for her mother must move from their farm in Downey."--caption on photograph
"Too Good to Let Go" stageplay promotion, 2005
"Washington Iron Foundry", photograph, 1914
"You Auto Buy Now" week campaign, 1958
'It's better than ever now', Southern California, 1933
(Orance County Section) Car into florist window at West 5th Street and North Broadway in Santa Ana, 1961
111. Forsberg, Foster, White reading poems; Eve magazine discussion, 1957?; air traffic control radio
12 unidentified people, [s.d.]
The artistic pilgrimage of Joaquin Torres-Garcia:  A biographical study
A comparative study of older and younger adults who have received job-specific classroom training to determine if there are significant differences as they relate to job placement
Public Art In Corporate Downtown Los Angeles
Implementation Aspects Of Bezier Surfaces To Model Complex Geometric Forms
Air Terrorism And The International Aviation Regime: The International Civil Aviation Organization
The House That Jack Built. (Original Writing)
Statistical Analysis Of The Damage To Residential Buildings In The Northridge Earthquake
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