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High water at Roosevelt Dam Site, Arizona, [s.d.]
Ketterman Hills "Christmas Tree", an oil device, ca.1920
More lives to live?: archiving and repurposing the daytime soap opera
Crossing of the Orange river by ferry
Media reinvented: the transformation of news in a networked society
Social media, reality television, and the contemporary performance of self
Development of front-end circuits for high frequency ultrasound system
The Pacific Electric Company San Marino railroad (or railway?) station, ca.1920
Horton spheres at the General Petroleum Corporation's refinery, ca.1940
Committee suggests retaining police officers and children's programs..., 1991-05-02
Animating the periphery: Studio of the Streets and the politicization of the Buffalo community through public access television and media literacy
Long suspension bridge, Sichuan, China, ca.1900-1920
Consolidated Rock Products digging in a rocky trench, 1929
Airship "Patrie" on a French postcard, ca.1907
Southern California's Natural Gas supply system, ca.1955
Optimal design, nonlinear analysis and shape control of deployable mesh reflectors
An analytical and experimental study of evolving 3D deformation fields using vision-based approaches
Exterior view of the Los Angeles Examiner building, [s.d.]
Exterior view of the Citizens National Bank Building, also known as the Cotton Exchange Building, ca.1913
Changing viewership habits: an analysis of the new television landscape: when going over-the-top, who will end up on top?
Intermedia agenda setting in an era of fragmentation: applications of network science in the study of mass communication
When passions run high: emotions and the communication of intentions in face-to-face diplomacy
Birdseye view of Los Angeles looking west from City Hall tower toward Hollywood, November 12, 1930
Development of implantable Parylene-based MEMS technologies for cortical applications
Black women on the small screen: the cultural politics of producing, promoting, and viewing Black women-led series in the post-network era
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