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Neural activity alterations with learning in MBNL2 KO mice
Fo Nyonga and his son - old and new Bali.
Inhibition of sexual behavior in naive male rats by infusion of vasopressin or V1b vasopressin receptor antagonist into the olfactory bulb
The amygdala and conditioned taste aversion
Fô in Adda.
Stable cell lines expressing elastin-like polypeptide fusions with epidermal growth factor receptor modulate gene expression in a heat dependent manner
Fo Nyonga, King in Bali (Cameroon), wearing a hausa robe.
King Fo Nyonga from Bali.
Chief Fo Twin giving one of his subjects palm wine.
King Fo Nyonga and Rev. Ernst.
The village of chief Fo Tsenge in Batsu.
The village of the Baboni chief Fo Twi.
Fo Nyonga at the School Festival in 1909.
King Fo Nyonga at the Lela Dance.
Mission station Fo phin.
Chapel in Kyu fo schi near Hoschuwan.
Cooks and servants of Hongkong Fo-Sen.
School and schoolboys from Bali.
Addah-fo (on the coast at the mouth of the Volta), trading post of the Mission Trading Company, and the mission's chapel, coconut palms.
Njug Fo, my woman assistant, and Banjong and Wun fa, my male nurses, in the pharmacy 1939.
Proclamation of King Fo Nyonga of Bali to Paramount King [lit: 'Overking'] on 14th June 1905.
First journey to Bali: Spellenberg, Keller & Schuler with King Fo Nyonga.
The missionary Ernst and King Fo Nyonga at the School Festival, April 1909.
Mission station Fo phin. Mission house, and the old chinese house.
Examining the practices of teachers who teach historically marginalized students through an enactment of ideology, asset pedagogies, and funds of knowledge
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