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Former bishop in ALC Dorairaj Peters burial place outside Broadway Church in Chennai, India
Coffins ready for burial in a mud village, China, ca.1920
Parsee burial tower.
A woman rescued from Mombo's Burial Massacre, [s.d.]
Burial, Pretoria, South Africa, ca. 1896-1911
Pakistan, NWFP. Mardan Guides Chapel with churchyard and burial sites for deceased missionaries.
Burial, Elim, Limpopo, South Africa, ca. 1896-1911
Burial memorials on hillside, Chongqing, China, ca.1890-1900
Stanley's expedition - the burial of Beck.
New burial of the queen Ranavalona III at the Queen palace in Antananarivo, Madagascar
Burial in Kowloon.
Dusun burial place.
Christian burial in China.
Burial place near Zung Moab.
Two burial mosques in Bijapur.
Burial mounds, China, ca.1931-1934
Exploring best practices for building a university's public art collection
Dajak grave in Siangland, behind Puruk Tjahu. The burial place for this family grave is in front of the house  [... Cf. annotations].
Temporary graves in Honyen. The coffins are walled around with bricks. The relatives are waiting for an auspicious day to carry out the proper burial.
Medics of the soul and the body: sickness and death in Alta California, 1769-1850
Burial place of chief Marvele, South Africa, [s.d.]
Burial site of Confucius, Qufu, China, ca.1931-1934
Burial ground of the Kings' sons in Kumase.
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