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Geometry on the frame bundle
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Motivic cohomology of BG₂
An asynchronous resilient circuit template and automated design flow
A broken bundle of mirrors: Identity in the work of John Barth
Engineering scalable two- and three-dimensional striated muscle microtissues for human disease modeling
Value based purchasing:  decision-making processes underlying hospital acquisitions of orthopedic devices
Diffusion MRI white matter tractography: estimation of multiple fibers per voxel using independent component analysis
Loading platform at 2501 East 25th Street, Los Angeles, Calif., 1941 [image 4]
Carrying grass, Ayra, Ethiopia, ca.1951-1952
Porters of a caravan, Ethiopia, ca.1928-1935
The Chief with entourage.
Men harvesting rice fields, Peng Yang, Korea, ca. 1920-1940
Two children carrying firewood, China, ca.1920
Man carrying a large load of paper fiber, Fujian, China, ca.1915-1925
Bamboo poles ready for use, Sichuan China, ca.1900-1920
Workers carrying straw, Ayra, Ethiopia, ca.1951-1952
Evaluating the effects of dihydromyricetin on dopamine mediated behaviors using a Parkinson's disease model
Hyperbolic geometry and canonical triangulations in dimension three
The geometry of motivic spheres
Diffusion tensor tractography: visualization and quantitation with applications to Alzheimer disease and traumatic brain injury
Dannell's Laundry, Southern California, 1928 [image 1]
Man carrying hay, Peng Yang, Korea, ca. 1920-1940
A harvest of sorghum at Fushun, China, 1938
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